General Reminders

Benefits can be confusing. When enrolling, be sure to make a calculated and informed decision.

Check Participation

Make sure to look up your providers to check in-network or out-of-network status.


Need to find a provider, schedule a doctor’s visit, or conduct a claims review? Please visit Alight’s Health Pro to learn more —


Your HSA and FSA elections do not roll over. You must update your elections every year.

Only HSA Contributions can be changed during the year. To make updates to you elections go to and click on “Change My Benefits,” “Life Event” and “Update HSA Elections”

Gather Information

You will need to have;

  • Birth dates and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of dependents you are adding to your plans
  • Verification documents such as birth certificate, marriage license, etc.
  • Names for those you want to list as your beneficiaries


Be sure to review coverages (including deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and employer HSA contributions) and premiums to choose the best plan for your needs.

Provider Directories 

Visit our vendor websites to check the network status your health care provider(s):

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