401(k) Plan

Grow your future in the Momentive Savings Plan, and take advantage of FREE financial tools including workshops and individualized online help.

Did you know that as a participant in Momentive’s Savings Plan, you have access to free financial help? From workshops to online tools, to Fidelity’s registered phone representatives, you have resources at your fingertips that can help you put a plan in place—for whatever financial goals you may have.

Please be sure to complete the below Financial Wellness Check-Up. Your feedback is appreciated.

Managed Accounts Service with Fidelity

Fidelity is offering a professionally managed portfolio based on personal investment strategies that align to your unique time horizon, financial situation, and willingness to assume risk. Fidelity will be responsible for daily monitoring and rebalancing, as needed, and providing proactive notifications about investment changes after they are made. Employees are able to enroll and dis-enroll anytime throughout the year. Employees who choose to use the service will be charged an advisory fee based on their 401(k) account balance.

Additional information can be found in this brochure or by contacting Fidelity directly at 866-811-6041.

Contact Info 


Web: netbenefits.com

Managed Accounts: 866-811-6041

401(k): 800-835-5095

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